Our Story


Only Girl Worth Chasing was born out of my bedroom in Coventry and first brought to life on an old Mac desktop. Drawing inspiration from pop-culture, music and themes of love, OGWC marries a universal language with some of pop-culture's nichest sub-genres.

Coventry is an integral part of the Only Girl Worth Chasing’s journey, informing the design, narrative and tone of the brand. “City of Villains” - is a colloquial term used to describe Coventry which I adopted as part of our brand language. It resonated with me so much, it felt like the perfect way to describe not how I saw Coventry, but how the rest of country saw us. In reality, the rest of the country wouldn’t even care enough to bother giving us a name like that. But I guess that’s the point - unless you’re from the big City(s):

A) Who cares?

B) Who’s going to listen?

There are “City of Villains” all over the country and furthermore, all over the world.

The under-appreciated, undervalued & ignored concrete badlands.

Whilst the City of Villains may be Coventry to me . . .

It can be Carlisle, Dublin, Dundee, Humberside to you.

Seven years removed from the bedroom, OGWC has continued to exist in the online fashion industry as well as a short stint in our own physical retail space. With product being shipped out to all different corners of the world - OGWC still aims to reach the lovers, the dreamers and underdogs and welcome them to the community.

- Alfie, Founder