Only Girl Worth Chasing is LOVE in all forms. From the first date to the heartbreak. We exist for the lovers, dreamers and underdogs. You can be one of them, all of them or maybe somewhere in between.


LOVE = Stripping it back to it’s bare bones, OGWC is love. In a complex and vast society full of intricacies and differences, there’s one thing we all share in common. The same thing lies at the very foundations of the Only Girl Worth Chasing, a universal language, love.

AMBITION = Who is the Only Girl Worth Chasing? The first thing on your mind when you wake and the last thing on your mind before you sleep. The girl, the boy, the contract, the cheque, the holiday destination, the dream body, the complete family or the house that feels like home. Whatever it may be; we’re all chasing something.

UNDERDOGS = A craftsman never blames his tools. Do what you can with what’s presented to you. It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at. The City of Villains is worldwide.